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Dark Circles & Under Eye Bags

What is causing those dark circles under your eyes

While dark circles and bags under the eyes might make you look like you’re behind on your sleep, there are other causes. The skin around the eyes is especially thin and delicate. As collagen is lost with age and sun exposure, the tissue thins and blood vessels below the eyes can make the skin appear dark. Many people have excess pigmentation under their eyes, which can be further darkened by sun exposure. Under-eye bags are caused by fat pads beneath the skin that descend with normal aging or heredity. Also descending fat pads and lost collagen in the under-eye area can give your eyes a tired and hollow look. Our board-certified Physician and Physician Assistants have knowledge and extensive experience we can evaluate and determine the cause of your dark circles before treating them.

Why The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment Under Eyes Works!

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (or PRP treatment) is fast becoming a favorite beauty procedure because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Dark circles and under eye bags can leave you looking tired and look like your aging prematurely. 

 Here at Visage Dermatology we use the PRP treatment to the under eye area which is an ideal therapy for patients to lighten the appearance of dark circles, remove the puffiness, baggy sacs, and pigmentation.

The under eye area may have a hollowed look due to genetics, volume loss due to aging, or from environmental and health factors. Hollowness can affect the whole under eye area all the way to the upper cheeks, or just the small area directly below the eyes called the tear trough.

By injecting PRP under the patient’s eyes it can repair the weakening layer of collagen and elastin in the skin. As a result, the skin regains its elasticity and fills the hollows under the eyes.

Regain your glow and overall brightness under the eyes.

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