5 Reasons to Visit a Dermatologist This Year

5 Reasons to Visit a Dermatologist This Year

Now that your new year’s resolutions are well underway (and hopefully not forgotten!), it’s also a great time to consider your skin health. From showing off at the pool to keeping skin safe and healthy, everyone can benefit from a consultation with a dermatologist. Here are our top five reasons you should schedule a visit to a dermatologist this year.

An Ounce of Prevention

Doctors recommend getting your skin checked once a year and that’s all the more important here in Florida where high sun exposure can increase the chance of melanoma and carcinoma. Be honest. You don’t often follow directions to apply and reapply sunscreen, wear hats, and cover skin with protective clothing. Get some peace of mind for any skin concerns by arranging for a visit with a dermatologist who can conduct a full body check. Early detection is the key to survival. For more information from the Skin Cancer Foundation on how to make the most of your appointment, refer to this article.

Clear Up Your Skin

You might think acne is a problem left behind in high school, but many adults suffer from it too. Acne can take many forms including pimples, whiteheads, and even cysts. Hectic schedules, work stress, and hormones can all contribute to less than perfect skin which can cause discomfort and unwarranted embarrassment. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Under the care of a licensed dermatologist, many issues can be easily treated through medications and treatment. Always consult with your doctor prior to beginning a course of action to discuss the latest treatments and what’s right for you.

Scratch That Itch

Have you ever experienced an itchy red patch or inflamed rash on your skin? Could it be psoriasis, eczema or something else? Many people are self-conscious and uncertain about skin irritations like these, as well as others such as rosacea. Not only can they be embarrassing, but excessive scratching can lead to scarring or even infection. While many skin irritations look the same, different symptoms or conditions may require different treatments.  It’s vital for a dermatologist to properly diagnose your condition and put you on a path to clearer skin.

Bump in the Road

Everyone is susceptible to a variety of skin growths like mole and warts. You may be tempted to ignore these common skin conditions, hoping they’ll go away on their own or treat them with an over-the-counter remedy. The problem is, you might misdiagnose a potentially dangerous skin condition. Whenever you notice any sort of change in your skin or find something unusual it warrants a visit to a doctor for proper diagnosis and, if necessary, removal. Most skin growths are benign and a dermatologist can help you address related cosmetic issues if you so choose.

Learn About New Procedures

In the last few years, scientists have made many advances in skin care.  Newer solutions to wrinkles actually work at the cellular level, rather than just masking the problem.   Maybe you would benefit from a skin peel, which results in smoother skin.  Another new option is using an energy-base system, such as 3DEEP® Smoothing Wrinkles Solution.  The results are instant and long-lasting.  Be sure to use brightening creams, sunscreens, and moisturizers as well.  You want to think about preventing new wrinkles and damage while fixing existing issues.

We all want flawless skin we can be proud to show off.  Visage Dermatology is here to assist you in creating a personalized skin care plan. Call us to schedule a private appointment and let us help you feel comfortable in your skin.

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