A Personal Coolsculpting Story

Coolsculpting Thigh Freeze

This is a great personal Coolsculpting story on She focuses on the angle that every woman has that “thing” they want smaller, tighter or just different – very realistic and very relatable. The results are amazing!

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It’s 8:30 A.M. on a hot July morning and I’m nearly naked in the elegant Manhattan office of Dr. Arielle Kauvar. I’m holding my cloth examination gown above my waist, exposing a disposable thong, as well as the lower half of my body. I rotate clockwise as a camera takes snapshots of my thighs and butt from eight different angles. Afterward I review the photos with the nurse and exclaim, “My butt looks great!” She laughs and agrees. Right then, it crosses my mind momentarily, “Why am I here again?” Oh yes, I want to shrink my thighs.

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