What about Calories & Ketosis?

The Best Program for Weight Loss

Ketosis also causes you to shed excessive amounts of sodium, potassium and water, which can cause dehydration, sluggishness, constipation and gas. However, your body can adjust to changes in your electrolytes. This is why it is important that you keep hydrated and drink plenty of water and electrolyte balanced drinks, Power-aid Zero is recommend as there are no added calories

Staying on track with your weight loss program is always a challenge during the holidays and vacations. No one likes to spend time re-losing pounds that they had already lost earlier, but with just a few simple techniques and continued focus on your long term weight management goals, you can make it through the holidays or other special occasions successfully and stay on track with your First Step to Success!

  1. Carbs and Calories are your enemy! At holiday parties or family dinners stay away from bread/mashed potatoes/stuffing/desserts and fatty or high carb foods.
  2. Remove the bread/crackers from finger foods and just eat the contents.
  3. Eat more of protein foods instead of desserts, but if you must deal with desserts, just take a couple of nibbles. Avoid the crust on pies and the icing on cakes.
  4. At dinners, take a small portion of those dishes you are going to sample and focus on protein foods. Treat big holiday meals like a tasting menu, not a feast!
  5. Remember, holiday cheeses are sky high in fat content which means heavy calorie loads!
  6. Make sure you take your appetite suppressant medication to suppress hunger at holiday events.
  7. You may need to adjust your medication schedule to insure that you are “covered” during the special event.
  8. Drinking lots of a zero calorie drink wi11 curb your appetite.
  9. Select a small plate for your food. You’ll tend to eat less that way.
  10. It’s best not to snack, but, if you must, consume a non-caloric snack. Diet colas or anything sugar-free work well.
  11. Eat slowly and chew longer! You’ll eat less.
  12. If you are bringing a dish to a holiday party or gathering, take a protein dish that you can eat. Shrimp cocktail or grilled chicken strips are good choices.
  13. Alcohol is low in carbs but high in calories. It’s best to skip it altogether, but if you choose to imbibe, follow these basic rules:
    1. Take sips rather than swallows.
    2. Avoid sugared mixers with cocktails. They add lots of calories.
    3. Set a limit at the start of the evening/event and stick to it!
    4. Take one glass of wine/cocktail/beer and then switch to a nonalcoholic drink,    preferably a zero calorie, zero carb drink, such as diet cola, sparkling water or club  soda. If you are going to have more than one alcoholic beverage, drink two glasses  of water after each alcoholic drink. Ask if nonalcoholic wine/beer is available (BUT,check the carb/calorie content on the bottle).
  14. Don’t forget to exercise daily! A brisk walk around the neighborhood can work wonders in keeping pounds off.

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